Coming Soon!

There are big changes taking shape at 905 Manvel Avenue in Chandler, Oklahoma.  We’re in the process of returning the building to its 1920s character. This includes removing the existing facade and creating a new entryway. Interior renovations will result in a large ground-floor coffee shop with the fastest WiFi you’re likely to find in the area.

We want to make sure this is done right and so we are taking the time to ensure that happens. However, when we do open (projected this winter), we know it will be a place we are proud of. We apologize in advance to our Manvel Avenue neighbors for any inconveniences our renovations might cause.

We can’t wait to open and begin serving hand-crafted coffee drinks and freshly-baked goods. In addition to a typical coffee house menu featuring cappuccinos, lattes, and teas (among other drinks and baked goods), there are some surprises in store for you.

Gather with friends, enjoy some productive work time away from the office or classroom, or just simply observe daily life on our little slice of Route 66. So make plans to visit us this winter. There will be a seat waiting for you.


Stay Tuned here for the latest posts as we document our journey to becoming a part of Chandler’s Historic Manvel Avenue.

Finishing Touches

We’re putting the finishing touches on the building, deliveries are arriving, and staff training is in full-swing!  Training will continue for approximately one week, so you might see a crowd if you peek in the windows.  It won’t be long until we’re open to the public. See you soon!      

Almost There

The shop is getting so close to being completed with construction!  Crews have finished the beautiful diagonally-laid flooring and are nearing completion on tile work, as well.  Our counter tops have arrived and the new lighting will be installed soon. The next week will bring the arrival of booths, appliances, and coffee equipment.  Our staff …

Coming Together

Crews have been very busy today, both inside and out.  Our new awning was installed this morning.  The wood that has covered the entrance for several weeks has also been removed today to allow the new front wall of windows to be installed.  These windows allow so much light into the shop; it will definitely …


We are currently making plans…if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see, email us at

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