Finishing Touches

We’re putting the finishing touches on the building, deliveries are arriving, and staff training is in full-swing!  Training will continue for approximately one week, so you might see a crowd if you peek in the windows.  It won’t be long until we’re open to the public.

See you soon!




Almost There

The shop is getting so close to being completed with construction!  Crews have finished the beautiful diagonally-laid flooring and are nearing completion on tile work, as well.  Our counter tops have arrived and the new lighting will be installed soon.

The next week will bring the arrival of booths, appliances, and coffee equipment.  Our staff will be able to begin in-house training in the coming weeks, too.  Our construction crews and employees are working hard to get everything finished and ready to serve you!

Coming Together

Crews have been very busy today, both inside and out.  Our new awning was installed this morning.  The wood that has covered the entrance for several weeks has also been removed today to allow the new front wall of windows to be installed.  These windows allow so much light into the shop; it will definitely be a nice and bright hangout for customers!


In addition to the outside work, the coffee bar is getting painted today.  The insets on the beautiful heart of the shop will feature a splash of green and provide a pop of color inside the shop.

Moving Along

Work is continuing to progress both inside and outside.  The new sidewalk was recently poured while crews have been working inside on sheet rock.  It is really taking shape now and we’re getting excited to share this space with you all soon!


Returning to the Original Entrance

Construction crews are busy working inside, but they also made some big progress today on the exterior!  The lower front facade was removed today, revealing hints at how the new entrance will look.  This recessed entrance will return the front to its original footprint.  It will allow room for a few outdoor tables, without blocking the sidewalk.

Crews hope to remove the sidewalk today and pour a new sidewalk with proper drainage tomorrow.

Taking Shape

With the meeting room and staircase now framed in, the downstairs is really taking shape.  We’re very excited about the progress being made upstairs, too.  The building has loads of charm, and we can’t wait for you all to see it in person!


Progress Continues

We wanted to share more pictures with you.  Crews are making a lot of progress, both inside and on the exterior of the building.  We can see the beginnings of the recessed entryway, too.


After One Week of Construction…

Interior construction began last Monday and the crew has definitely made a lot of progress!  The building has really been opened up and we’ve enjoyed seeing layers of the past uncovered.

This picture is looking toward the back  of the building:


Here’s a peak upstairs, where the staircase once was and will be rebuilt again.


Removing layers where the new staircase will be:

A Closer Look Upstairs

We wanted to share another batch of pictures from the upstairs.  This will probably be the last round of pictures that highlight the building’s undisturbed past before work on the project begins.


We also love the stamped metal ceiling tiles on the ground-floor ceiling.  These will be saved, refurbished, and used for the coffee shop ceiling.