Moving Along

Work is continuing to progress both inside and outside.  The new sidewalk was recently poured while crews have been working inside on sheet rock.  It is really taking shape now and we’re getting excited to share this space with you all soon!


Returning to the Original Entrance

Construction crews are busy working inside, but they also made some big progress today on the exterior!  The lower front facade was removed today, revealing hints at how the new entrance will look.  This recessed entrance will return the front to its original footprint.  It will allow room for a few outdoor tables, without blocking the sidewalk.

Crews hope to remove the sidewalk today and pour a new sidewalk with proper drainage tomorrow.

Taking Shape

With the meeting room and staircase now framed in, the downstairs is really taking shape.  We’re very excited about the progress being made upstairs, too.  The building has loads of charm, and we can’t wait for you all to see it in person!


Progress Continues

We wanted to share more pictures with you.  Crews are making a lot of progress, both inside and on the exterior of the building.  We can see the beginnings of the recessed entryway, too.


After One Week of Construction…

Interior construction began last Monday and the crew has definitely made a lot of progress!  The building has really been opened up and we’ve enjoyed seeing layers of the past uncovered.

This picture is looking toward the back  of the building:


Here’s a peak upstairs, where the staircase once was and will be rebuilt again.


Removing layers where the new staircase will be:

A Closer Look Upstairs

We wanted to share another batch of pictures from the upstairs.  This will probably be the last round of pictures that highlight the building’s undisturbed past before work on the project begins.


We also love the stamped metal ceiling tiles on the ground-floor ceiling.  These will be saved, refurbished, and used for the coffee shop ceiling.


A Peek Upstairs

In addition to the renovations downstairs, the second story is also going to get a facelift.  We wanted to share some pictures before any construction begins.

The upstairs has been largely undisturbed for decades.  A fire in the building to the south claimed the staircase in the mid to late 1960s.  When that building (presently Tedford Insurance) was rebuilt as a one-story building, it left our second story as a bit of a time capsule.  Accessible only via a ladder, the second story contained two apartments as well as several offices.

Please enjoy the pictures and thank you for your interest in our project.


The demolition portion of our construction project began this past Monday.  The crew began bright and early and made quick work of removing the awning and metal facade.

Once the metal facade was peeled away, some intricate brickwork was revealed.

Windows that hadn’t seen light in decades were uncovered, as well.

The demolition project moved to our building’s interior, too.  On the inside, the drop ceiling tiles and insulation were removed and revealed detailed stamped ceiling tiles from another time.

We are thankful to this crew for their part in this first stage of historical restoration.  This process will continue throughout the summer, fall, and into the winter.  We will try to post regular updates of the progress to document the project.  Thank you for your interest in our coffee shop!  We can’t wait for it to open and begin serving the community.

Big Changes!

We are changing the face of Manvel Avenue in Chandler. Restoring a piece of old Route 66 back to its glory days. While we do that, we’re also going to be adding a new place to stop in, have a hot cup of coffee, and maybe even get some work done. You’ll be able to follow along with our progress right here. We’ll be posting pictures of the construction and let you in on a few secrets regarding what is to come along the way. So follow along here, on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to catch all the latest about the future of Manvel Avenue.