A Peek Upstairs

In addition to the renovations downstairs, the second story is also going to get a facelift.  We wanted to share some pictures before any construction begins.

The upstairs has been largely undisturbed for decades.  A fire in the building to the south claimed the staircase in the mid to late 1960s.  When that building (presently Tedford Insurance) was rebuilt as a one-story building, it left our second story as a bit of a time capsule.  Accessible only via a ladder, the second story contained two apartments as well as several offices.

Please enjoy the pictures and thank you for your interest in our project.


The demolition portion of our construction project began this past Monday.  The crew began bright and early and made quick work of removing the awning and metal facade.

Once the metal facade was peeled away, some intricate brickwork was revealed.

Windows that hadn’t seen light in decades were uncovered, as well.

The demolition project moved to our building’s interior, too.  On the inside, the drop ceiling tiles and insulation were removed and revealed detailed stamped ceiling tiles from another time.

We are thankful to this crew for their part in this first stage of historical restoration.  This process will continue throughout the summer, fall, and into the winter.  We will try to post regular updates of the progress to document the project.  Thank you for your interest in our coffee shop!  We can’t wait for it to open and begin serving the community.