Almost There

The shop is getting so close to being completed with construction!  Crews have finished the beautiful diagonally-laid flooring and are nearing completion on tile work, as well.  Our counter tops have arrived and the new lighting will be installed soon.

The next week will bring the arrival of booths, appliances, and coffee equipment.  Our staff will be able to begin in-house training in the coming weeks, too.  Our construction crews and employees are working hard to get everything finished and ready to serve you!

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  1. Is you opening date set? Will you have live music? My daughters dream is to own a shop just like this. She already plays gigs and is interested and wants to learn the trade of Barista! I used to run one in Okc and have lots of experience as well. Need a summer job too!!!

  2. Y’all have a grand opening day set yet? So excited. My daughter plays gigs and wants to play if you have live music. Her dream is to own a place like yours! And I have barista skills. Need summer help?

    1. Hi, Aleisa!

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us! We do have the expectation of having live music, poetry, talks, etc on our stage. Currently we envision having live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. We’ll most likely have lots of open-mic opportunities, but we’ll have some pre-arranged gigs as well.

      Does your daughter have any videos of her performances she could send us?

      Also, we think we are pretty set as far as staffing for the summer goes. However, you are always welcome to fill out an application and we’ll keep your application on file for consideration with any future openings.

      We don’t have an opening date set yet. We are hoping to open within the next several weeks.

      Thanks again for your interest in our shop!

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